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Vital Monitoring
has never been easier!

Now monitor you and your loved one's vitals anytime and anywhere you want.

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We are passionate about helping bring better healthcare to more people. Building a community of care for those in need.

Our Team will make your process as simple and easy as possible.


Our main priority is fullfilling our clients needs, as well as building a partnership with them and their providers.

Trust, transparency, pasion and transformation are the foundation of our company.

We areTrackO.

Health at your finger tips!

Our Team

Matt Read

Managing Director

Gala Campos

Director of Clinical Operations

Nataly Cabrera

Human Relations Coordinator

Brittany Towry

Medical Billing Associate

Jasmine Torres

Customer Relations

Virtual Monitoring


Blood pressure


Glucose levels

Oxygen saturation

How TrackO works?

Step 1

Patient downloads the app, and measures their
vitals using bluetooth devices or by manually logging.

Step 2

Patients vitals are analyzed and shared with
their care center or physician.

Step 3

Patient can view this information in TrackO.
If vitals are not normal, required alerts are sent
to patient and care center.

Step 4

Patients can invite their loved ones to view and
share their own vitals on TrackO.

Patient monitoring Benefits MD-rpm

Family patient monitoring

You can invite all your loved
ones to use TrackO and keep
track of your family's vitals,
all in one place!

Patient rpm Bluetooth wifi communications

we often an open line of
communication for critical and
crucial patient information.

Remote healthcare providers

MD-RPM Let's health providers
monitor your and your loved one's
between clinic visits by providing an
efficient way to view and analyze
your health inforation.

Patient rpm alerts, patient vitals

Monitors and alerts patients
based on their vital readings.

reduce patient spending

With TrackO you do not need to
visit your provider for vital check-up
appointements. This reduces office
workload and the influx of patients
in the clinic lobby , exam rooms.
and labs.Helping maintain a
steady workflow

An App, for you, and for the loved ones.

For You

TrackO allows you to gather your daily vitals. Making the process of sharing your readings with your family and the Care Center uncomplicated.

For Families

TrackO enables you to check your loved one's vitals. Making it more convenient for you to take care of your loved ones. TrackO will send you notifications based on their vital levels.

For Providers

Now your patients don't need to visit you as frequently! The care center team will analyze their vitals and contact your office regarding their status. TrackO will generate reports on each patient's readings facilitating the way you provide care.

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